Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Women of Technology!!

Girls, Young Women, Women of all ages: this week it’s all about this organization called the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology!

Go to their website:

Just simply read their statement on their homepage! It starts like this:

“We are women technologists. We use technology to connect our communities. We create technology because it is who we are — intelligent, creative and driven…”

This organization must rock! Also watch their new video!

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P.S. – Now there is a Girls With Pi facebook page!!!

Just search Girls With Pi !

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dr. LaRue on Raising Kids and Inspiration

girls with pi !!

Girls, listen to and watch Dr. LaRue as she talks about raising her two kids and what inspired her to become a veterinarian.

Here are some key thoughts that Dr. LaRue expressed:

  • If you want it all ---- you have to do it all!!!!

  • It was important to her and her husband (who is also an Academic Veterinarian) to live close to their work.

  • Living close to work allowed her to attend school events and athletic games that were important to her kids.

  • I never thought of this, Dr. LaRue mentioned the benefits of raising her kids in an academic environment. They participated in camps at CSU, attended CSU football games, and like Dr. LaRue said they really grew up at CSU. That is a really awesome benefit to working for a college or university!

  • She became inspired because of a little help wanted sign at the vet clinic that her and her Mom took their dog to. She started working there at 16 years old! Seeing the work that vets did to save animals really inspired her.

  • For Dr. LaRue being good at math and science was no big deal! She liked math and science, that’s all there was to it.

girls with pi, if you like math and science, keep reading this blog and watching the videos. One of these women is going to inspire you to pursue a path that will enrich the rest of your life!

Girls ta ta for now!! Ruthie!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dr. Sue LaRue PhD Veterinarian Extraordinaire!

girls with pi !!

Here is our first ever video! I spoke with Dr. Sue LaRue at Colorado State University, Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

She is an amazing woman! Just watch this video about her career!

Dr. LaRue she:

really liked math and science in school;

loves her job – treating patients, teaching, and research;

totally likes working with the best cancer researchers in the county;

works with state of the art equipment – CSU has the best radiation therapy unit available to humans (the only one of it’s kind available to animals);

and her work at treating cancer in animals is Translational, which means it also works for humans!!!

Dr. LaRue with her state-of-the-art equipment!

It’s amazing what veterinarians can do!!

They work with all kinds of animals, fish (yes fish) exotic animals, bears (like Bart the Bear), our dogs and cats, farm animals, probably even elephants!

They can work in a clinic, vet hospital, at a ranch, at a zoo!

You could make a discovery that helps control the West Nile virus (veterinarians made discoveries that helped control malaria and yellow fever!)!

Veterinarians are responsible for enforcing the laws that ensure humane treatment of animals (that’s very cool)!

She can work in aquatic animal medicine, for the U.S. Army Veterinary Corps, sports medicine, wildlife medicine, and the list goes on!!!!

Girls you could do work that benefits the lives of both animals and humans by becoming a veterinarian!!

Go to the American Veterinary Medical Association’s web site to learn more about what veterinarians do and how to become one!!

Next posting: Dr. Sue LaRue on raising her two kids and what inspired her!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Have you noticed that you really like math?

Maybe you dig your science class!

Or, what if math is hard for you but you find it interesting?

Girls we are going to inspire you with amazing women who really find meaning, satisfaction, and inspiration from their STEM career!

They like what they do!

These women love their families!

They are girls at heart who contribute to their communities and the world.

Find out what they do!

Why they enjoy their work!

How they balance career and family!

You Can Do This Too!

Girls, you don’t need to be the very smartest girl in your school to become an amazing Scientist!

But you do need to be a girl with pi!

So what is a girl with PI?

She has Purpose and Persistence!

She has Intelligence and Imagination!

Why does she have these?

Because she was born with them!!

More on pi and our 1st interview with Dr. Sue LaRue coming soon!