Thursday, August 12, 2010

Have you noticed that you really like math?

Maybe you dig your science class!

Or, what if math is hard for you but you find it interesting?

Girls we are going to inspire you with amazing women who really find meaning, satisfaction, and inspiration from their STEM career!

They like what they do!

These women love their families!

They are girls at heart who contribute to their communities and the world.

Find out what they do!

Why they enjoy their work!

How they balance career and family!

You Can Do This Too!

Girls, you don’t need to be the very smartest girl in your school to become an amazing Scientist!

But you do need to be a girl with pi!

So what is a girl with PI?

She has Purpose and Persistence!

She has Intelligence and Imagination!

Why does she have these?

Because she was born with them!!

More on pi and our 1st interview with Dr. Sue LaRue coming soon!

1 comment:

  1. Just watched the interview & enjoyed it! As a teacher (English) & the mother of two math-smart girls, both interested in STEM careers someday, I am inspired by girls with PI!! I look forward to seeing the next part of the interview... And I am curious about eh response of other viewers! C'mon girls, POST!